BitShares Exchange UX/UI Redesign Project

Development of a new version of BitShares Decentralized Exchange
that is user friendly, intuitive, and responsive.

Project Progress

The Project Goals

UI Design Goals

We plan to develop a new version of BitShares
Exchange and improve the related tools to become more:
  • Useful

    The Exchange should enable users to perform specific tasks by providing the needed tools to do so

  • Usable

    The new UI should be easy to use and understand by non-trained users. Key tasks, current status, and next steps must be apparent to the user

  • Intuitive

    It should be obvious for users where they are within the platform and the following steps required to perform a task

  • Fully Responsive

    The UI should be responsive for DT, tablets, smartphones

Technical Goals

Our goal is to implement a new interface by solving the following tasks:
  • Light & Responsive

    Light and optimized front-end code that adopts to various screen sizes

  • React JS

    Update to the latest React-Js v16.4. components. This would ensure a UI that is fast, responsive, and gentle on device resources

  • Latest Technologies

    Adoption of the new Harmony (ES6-7) of ECMAScript language specification would minimize the codebase and optimizes the performance

  • Easy to Maintain

    Component-based approach that is easy to maintain and expand will minimize maintenance and support resources

The Project Team


ROSSUL is one of the top UI/UX design firms in Canada, with over 15 years of experience creating highly usable and intuitive enterprise level web and mobile apps.

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Graphene Lab

Graphene Lab is a team of experienced blockchain developers specializing in Graphene based chains.

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